New Paradigms for Diversifying Faculty and Staff in Higher Education

Is your college or university looking for a professional development program that will improve your ability to recruit, hire and keep diverse faculty and staff?

Diverse Hiring Option 1:

On-Campus Workshop

Facilitated by DiversityWorks, Inc. educators on your campus for up to 65 participants, this five-hour workshop will:

  1. Describe the rationale for and the benefits of a diverse faculty and staff
  2. Examine the common experiences, struggles, and challenges of culturally diverse and minority faculty and staff in predominantly white colleges and universities.
  3. Analyze how the culture of an institution and/or department could be creating an unwelcoming and exclusionary climate for diverse faculty and staff.
  4. Identify cultural biases in the search and hiring process.
  5. Create new strategies, resources, and practices for recruiting, hiring, and retaining diverse faculty and staff.

Price–sliding scale based on the size of the institution.

Diverse Hiring Option 2:

On-Campus Workshop Plus Facilitator Training and Licensing

DiversityWorks, Inc. educators will both facilitate the on-campus workshop for up to 65 participants and provide a two-day training session for up to six faculty and staff facilitators so that the New Paradigms workshop can be used as an continuing professional development program on diverse hiring at your college or university. This option includes all materials and permissions essential to offering the workshop plus one year of consulting for the trained facilitators.

Price–sliding scale based on the size of the institution

For further information about the objectives and activities of each workshop, please contact Pauline Kayes at (217) 369-2058 or