Intercultural Competence in the Health Care Workplace

"Intercultural competence must be sought by today’s physicians! While providing care to an ever changing patient demographic, physicians have got to consider patients’ cultures as they formulate treatment plans that are accessible, acceptable and appropriate. When we fail to connect with a patient's culture, we fail to treat the whole patient." ~Wesley Robinson-McNeese, M.D., Executive Assistant to the Dean for Diversity, Multicultural and Minority Affairs, SIU School of Medicine
"Culture is tightly interwoven into the life of man and woman and continuously pervades his/her thinking, actions, feelings, and particularly his/her health state." ~ Madeleine Leiniger, Transcultural Nursing Research to Transform Nursing Education and Practice, 1997
"For many years we doctors have been working under the fantasy that if we come up with new drugs and new treatments, we’re done....In my view, the rocket science in health and health care is how we deliver it.” ~Dr. Jim Yong Kim, President of Dartmouth College (in an interview with Billy Moyers on PBS 9-11-2009)

How Culture Impacts Our Daily Human Interactions:

Diversity Works, Inc. Workshop:

Intercultural Competence Means:

"Mindfulness: being aware of our own assumptions, viewpoints, and ethnocentric tendencies while simultaneously paying attention to the perspectives and interpretive lenses of dissimilar others." ~Stella Ting-Toomey, Communicating Across Cultures, 1999

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