Client Comments on New Paradigms Workshop

Currently being used by over 100 colleges and universities.

"DiversityWorks was a valuable supplemental resource for Washington State University. WSU has been working on improving our ability to recruit and hire a diverse workforce for quite a while. DiversityWorks' workshops gave us an opportunity to reflect upon, assess and improve our efforts. It was very important that many administrative and academic leaders were able to attend. A number of new ideas came out of the workshops that we are still working on and promoting. We also expect to establish our own trainers who can continue to carry forward the lessons of these excellent workshops."
— Dr. Mike Tate, Vice President of Equity and Diversity, Washington State University

"Astute, thoughtful, practical. The DiversityWorks materials are a 'must' for colleges and universities truly committed to increasing and retaining their culturally diverse and minority faculty and staff."
— Dr. Carlos E. Cortes, Professor Emeritus, Department of History, University of California Riverside

“DiversityWorks conducted workshops over a two-day period that provided us effective tools to build a more diverse faculty and staff. Their methodology provided clear and action-oriented steps that supported implementing a recruiting and hiring diversity strategy. Overall, DiversityWorks assisted the University of Akron in its diversity and inclusion journey, and we highly recommend them to any institution faced with the realization that diversification of faculty and staff is important not only on its own merits but also drives student success."
— Lee Gill, J.D., Associate Vice President for Inclusion and Equity, Chief Diversity Officer, University of Akron (Ohio)