Community Diversity Climate Study

The need:

As cultural demographics change rapidly in communities across the United States, there is evidence of more misunderstanding, miscommunication, conflict, even violence. Consequently, many communities are not only grappling with how to address the issues and concerns of their culturally diverse and minority residents but also stymied on how to create an inclusive, intercultural climate for all kinds of diversity (race, ethnicity, nationality, religion, sexual orientation, socioeconomic class, disability, generation, etc.).

Unfortunately many communities do not really discover the perceptions, feelings, and attitudes of their culturally diverse and minority citizens until a publicized hate conflict or crime galvanizes those citizens to speak out in public forums and government meetings. The result is a reactive environment that makes negotiation, solutions, and progress difficult and creates animosity and “ill will” that can haunt and “brand” a community for years.


In order to assist a community with taking a proactive, resilient approach to strategic planning on diversity, DiversityWorks Inc. can facilitate a unique comprehensive diversity climate study (CDCS) to report and to analyze the perceptions, attitudes, feelings, and experiences of their culturally diverse and minority residents, citizens, and leaders. Here are the components of the CDCS:



This proactive approach not only empowers culturally diverse and minority stakeholders but also informs community systems of the voiced needs and concerns of a significant percentage of the population. Rather than waiting for an “incident” to occur to discuss diversity, the community establishes itself as a leader on diversity so that it is regarded as credible and reliable to meet any challenge that arises.

See a sample of a community diversity report.

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