Intercultural Competence and Communication for Business and Community

The Cultural Diversity at Work Program consists of five interactive workshops created to address cultural differences in the workplace and in the community, to reduce intercultural conflict and harassment, to support more inclusive work and community environments, and to utilize the synergistic energy of diversity. Usually a group of 40-50 individuals (employees/supervisors or citizens/volunteers, etc.). participate in all five workshops together over a period of six months to a year. In addition, DiversityWorks, Inc. designs site and situation-specific workshops, retreats, and consulting services to meet the particular diversity education needs of business, industry, and community organizations/agencies.

Workshop 1: An Introduction to Diversity Education for Business, Organizations, and Agencies

Workshop 2: Understanding How Biases, Assumptions, and Stereotypes Affect Business, Organizations, and Agencies

Workshop 3: Unraveling Gender Stereotypes and Socialization: Improving Communication Among Women and Men in the Workplace

Workshop 4: Communicating Across Race, Ethnicity, and Culture: Building Skills in Intercultural Awareness, Understanding, and Communication

Workshop 5: Negotiating Intercultural Conflict in the Workplace and in the Community

For further information about the objectives and activities of each workshop, please contact Pauline Kayes at (217)369-2058 or

Please note that DiversityWorks, Inc. provides training/licensing in the Cultural Diversity at Work Program for businesses, organizations, agencies, and communities that want to use this model to offer an ongoing, in-house diversity education program for all employees, workers, volunteers, professionals, etc.