Diversity Assessment: Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI)

Pauline Kayes, President of DiversityWorks, Inc., has been certified to administer and interpret the Intercultural Development Inventory, developed by Dr. Mitchell Hammer and Dr. Milton Bennett, that measures an individual's (or group's) fundamental worldview orientation to cultural differences, and thus the individual's or group's capacity for intercultural competence. As a theory-based test, the IDI meets the standard scientific criteria for a valid and reliable psychometric instrument.

In our diversity education work with both higher education and K-12 schools, we use the IDI in four ways:(1) to assess the need for diversity education in a particular school, district, department, college, etc.;(2) to design appropriate diversity education programming for the levels of intercultural sensitivity represented in a school, district, department, college, etc.; (3) to evaluate progress and change in the intercultural sensitivity of participants either in our Cultural Diversity in Education program or other programs; (4) to provide quantitative data and analysis on intercultural sensititivty that individual schools, school districts, and colleges can use for their reports on diversity to governmental and education agencies.

The IDI can be used to provide both individual profiles on intercultural sensitivity (i.e., individual teachers, staff members, etc.) as well as group profiles (i.e., groups of teachers from one school/department or an entire school district/college). In order to maximize the value of the IDI as one of the few quantitative instruments on intercultural sensitivity, we provide both written and oral reports interpreting the results for both individuals and groups.

For further information about the objectives and activities of each workshop, please contact Pauline Kayes at (217)369-2058 or pkayes@diversityworksinc.net.